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One-to-One sessions with the Mate House team will help you gain clarity about your project, get diverse perspectives on your brand, and analyze specific pain-points you are going through.  We will also guide you towards the next steps you need to take to accomplish your goal or solve the problem you brought to the session. 


When you can define your project and gain clarity on the next steps, you can flow and create!


How do our 1:1 mentoring sessions work? 


These are 1-hour long virtual meetings in which you can decide if: 


1_ you want us to look at your project/brand as a whole and give you feedback

2_ you want us to help you solve a specific pain point

3_ you need help drawing the roadmap to a specific goal  


What to expect in the session? 


We will become your thinking partners for an hour, and together we will strategize a plan of action to improve your brand, solve an issue, or achieve your goal. Get ready to be pushed, questioned and challenged. 


Who is this for?


You can all sit with us at our table! Whether you’re just setting up or dreaming about your new brand, or it’s already up and running, you can schedule a mentoring session with us.

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