Branding and Packaging

Irupé, a resortwear brand that draws inspiration from the Earth's natural beauty, utilizes artisanal techniques to create handcrafted fashion that complements and inspires the wearer. From India to Argentina, the brand has captured the essence of treasured moments and crafted clothing for women who value comfort, intentional craftsmanship, and uniqueness. Founded in 2022, Irupé embodies the desire to enhance life's precious moments through thoughtfully designed garments.

The project

Irupé approached us with the goal of establishing a resortwear brand in the competitive US market. To assist them in this endeavor, we collaborated closely to conduct market analysis, identify unique opportunities for the brand, and leverage our consumer trend research to develop a brand that would genuinely resonate with their target audience.

Our involvement in the project encompassed various key aspects, including concept development, brand naming, defining the brand's DNA, and creating essential branding assets. By meticulously crafting these elements, we aimed to provide Irupé with a solid foundation to effectively enter and thrive in the US market.

The irupé is a blooming and flourishing water lily native to South America. It thrives on stillness and warmth, breathing relaxation and tranquility into the heart of the Irupé brand.