We help brands unlock their full creative potential, assisting them in developing products that stand out in the market, resonate with their target audience, and succeed in a crowded marketplace.

At Mate House, we collaborate closely with our clients to uncover their unique qualities and help them establish their design DNA. Our approach enables brands to express their identity through their products and align their collections with their overarching brand vision and untapped market opportunities. We achieve this by:

  • 1

    Analyzing past collections or product drops performance.

  • 2

    Holding ideation sessions that dive deep into the brand’s soul.

  • 3

    Delivering inspiring trend reports for product categories, industries, and/or seasons.

  • 4

    Overseeing each step of the design process - from inspiration and design to material sourcing, sampling, product development, and end product adjustments.

  • 5

    Merchandising the collection to create a product mix that balances newness, creativity, and must-sell pieces.