Established in Colombia in 1986, Nora Lozza has evolved over the years to offer a distinctive approach to contemporary fashion footwear and accessories. The brand creates investment-worthy products that draw inspiration from the interplay between fashion, architecture, and interior design. Each design is meticulously brought to life through the expert craftsmanship of a close-knit community of local artisans in the brand's workshops, serving as a testament to their dedication to preserving the essence of their artisanal wisdom.

The project

Nora Lozza partnered with MATE HOUSE to elevate their brand from a local Colombian label to a global fashion player. As part of our digital-first global strategy, a crucial component was the development of a new English-language website tailored for the global market. Our goal was not only to showcase the brand's evolved DNA, positioning it as an elevated footwear brand, but also to incorporate best practices from leading fashion brands and create an exceptional user experience (UX). We collaborated on the website's structure, UX design, imagery selection, and compelling copywriting.