Maylé Vásquez is a Dominican RTW brand that approaches Caribbean fashion in an innovative way. The brand is committed to ethical manufacturing and strategically develops each season’s collection to deliver timeless, collectible, and versatile items.


In anticipation of Resort 24, our collaboration with Maylé Vasquez involved an analysis of the brand’s past collections and the latest seasonal trends, laying the foundation for the brand’s new collection. Our team closely collaborated on collection design and merchandising, emphasizing perfect fit and intricate design, resulting in understated yet elegant timeless pieces.


Additionally, our collaboration expanded to creating impactful sales assets, including a captivating campaign, lookbook, and linesheet development, as well as strategies focused on maximizing sales potential. As a result of our efforts, this collection has been successfully distributed to Shopbop and other retailers in the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and LATAM.