Concept and Brand Development

TANDA offers a world-class modern tango experience, where every aspect of tango is celebrated, nurtured, and embraced within a state-of-the-art space in Miami. Their mission is to create a cross-cultural project that utilizes the Argentine tango as a foundation for enhancing physical and emotional well-being, fostering artistic expression, and fostering a sense of community. TANDA encourages an innovative perspective and invites the tango curious to explore new schools of thought. At the same time, they reignite the passion of seasoned tango veterans, providing them with a fresh lens that inspires growth and evolution. Step into the extraordinary world of TANDA and embark on an unforgettable tango journey.

The project

At the inception of TANDA, it was merely an idea without a name or a concrete concept. When they approached us, we transformed that spark of inspiration into a remarkable and fully-fledged business concept. Our journey started with in-depth market and trend research, which served as the compass for shaping the concept, choosing a fitting name, and crafting an alluring brand identity. We even let this vision influence the awe-inspiring interior design. From there, we set out to create communication strategies and assets, meticulously preparing for the highly anticipated launch. With strategy and dedication, we turned TANDA's dream into a tangible reality, ready to celebrate, educate, and encourage all aspects of tango in the modern world.