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MATE HOUSE Is a consulting agency that helps companies

succeed in a saturated market by applying disruptive strategies 

and a trend-driven approach to brand innovation.


Fueled by creativity. Driven by dreams.


By tuning in to the zeitgeist, we help companies develop relevant ideas for a multi-everything world so they can become whom they want to be in an ever-evolving landscape.

We create future-proof strategies, communication campaigns, innovative user experiences,

design solutions, and digital content for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

Our name is a reminder of who we are. 

In our co-founders’ culture, MATE is not only a popular infusion, but it is an energizing ritual that stimulates conversations, promotes idea exchanges, creates community, and fosters togetherness, which is exactly how we like to work with our team and with our clients.


We believe in the power of people thinking together to develop creative ideas and become agents of change in a world that needs us more than ever.


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