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Our strategies enable you and your team to navigate change, unlock opportunities, and thrive in a world of continuous uncertainty. Mate House brews these strategies by setting up custom-made trend research frameworks tailored to each client and their needs.


We know your focus is on the consumer. Good news! Ours is too! We design all of our strategies to help you unpack their thinking, map their behavior and study those innovations – or opportunities.


We can help you to break from the pack and inspire you to be a brand leader instead of a category follower by:


1_ Exploring your sector and its consumers in detail

2_ Revealing insights into future consumer behavior

3_ Identifying new product streams and innovative thinking.

4_ Enabling you to develop leading strategies and disruptive products faster

5_ Implementing those strategies in ways that drive short-, medium- and long-term growth

6_ Aligning your current business objectives

7_ Infusing those objectives with the trend-relevant, future market shifts and the scenarios you need to remain agile, relevant, and proactive in a disruptive landscape


To sum it up, we use our strategic futures research and dedicated cultural mapping tools to make it appear in your company first.



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